Menu L'ARRIVEE : 29,95 €
(sample menu)

Restaurant Granville l'Arrivée in Normandy Logis de France 2 cheminées 3 cocottes

Fish soup
Smoked salmon salad
L'assiette de fruits de mer
Fillet of herring with warm potatoes
Cooked meat platter
9 n° 3 Blainville oysters
Seafood vol-au vent


Fillet of John Dory with sorrel sauce
Skate wing with capers and melted butter
Salmon fillet with shellfish sauce
Seafood couscous with Cayenne flame (spéciality)
Granvillaise hotpot, "2 fish with 2 sauces"
Grilled chitterling sausage with home-made French fries
Leg of lamb with butter beans and home-made French fries
Tournedos steak with green peppercorn sauce,
home-made French fries and vegetables

Seasonal salad



Apple symphony, pom pom pom pom, our speciality
Home-made "crème brûlée"
Pear and chocolate Belle Hélène
Caramelised floating island
Three scoops of ice cream or sorbet
Warm home-made applet art with vanilla ice cream

Warm home-made Valrhona chocolate dessert
and red fruit coulis

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